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I Had No Idea Any Of This Would Work. I Feel Stupid, But Life’s About To Get Much Easier.

life hacks

Life just got a whole lot better with these simple and effective life hacks. Not only are they free, but they will make you feel like a true winner when you give them a try. Get ready to elevate your daily routine with these genius tips.

Key Points:

  • Discover easy life hacks that can improve your daily routine without costing a penny.
  • Master these simple tricks to feel like a champion and make your life easier.

1. Accelerate Charging by Turning on Airplane Mode

1. Turn airplane mode on for much faster charging.

2. Use the Arrows on Your Fuel Gauge to Identify the Tank Side

2. The arrows on your fuel gauge show you which side of the car the tank is on.

3. Keep Your Fingers Clean While Eating Cheesy Snacks with Chopsticks

3. Using chopsticks gets rid of cheese fingers when eating Doritos or Cheetos

4. Make Chicken Wings Easier to Eat by Removing the Bones

4. Pulling the bones out of a chicken wing makes it easier to eat.

Try it next time at wing night.

Try it next time at wing night.

5. Open a Banana Easily by Pinching the End

5. Pinching the end of a banana can help you open it easily.

6. Create a Laptop Bag from a Hoodie for Convenient Carrying

6. You can make a laptop bag out of a hoodie. Great for coffee shop runs where you may get cold.

7. Fix a Broken Zipper Using a Key Ring

7. Fixing a broken zipper can be as easy as finding a key ring.

8. Stop Water Overflow in a Clogged Toilet by Adjusting the Knob

8. If your toilet is clogged and overflowing, turn this knob. It will stop water from going into the tank.

9. Relieve Brain Freeze by Pressing Your Tongue to the Roof of Your Mouth

9. If you get brain freeze, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will help warm up your soft palate.

10. Use Knuckles to Remember the Number of Days in Each Month

10. Think of months as knuckles. The bumps are months with 31 days and the spaces are months with 30 (or 28, if it's February).

11. Minimize Furniture Scratches by Rubbing Them with a Walnut

11. Rubbing a walnut on scratched furniture can help minimize the dings.

12. Improve Parking Maneuverability by Backing Into the Right Parking Space

12. If you find a right parking space, back into it. You have a sharper turning radius going backwards.

13. Repurpose a Jug Handle as an Instant Dustpan

13. Cut the handle off of a jug for an easy, instant dustpan.

14. Use a Suction Cup-Tipped Tennis Ball to Hold Items in Place

14. Glue a suction cup to a tennis ball and cut a strip in it. Now, that ball will hold anything for you.

15. Utilize a Dustpan in the Sink for Filling Up Awkwardly Sized Buckets

15. A dustpan in the sink can help you fill up buckets that don't fit.

16. Extend the Range of Your Car Remote by Placing It Underneath Your Open Mouth

16. Putting your car remote underneath your open mouth can help increase its range.

These life hacks are so simple and effective that they are worth sharing with everyone.

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