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10 Genius Re-Inventions of Everyday Items that Will Change the Way You Live


Key Points:

  • The Fletcher Capstan Table can double in size in seconds, making it incredibly versatile.
  • LiquiGlide Bottles feature a special coating that allows liquids to flow out smoothly without any residue.
  • The Invisible Bike Helmet offers a revolutionary design, inflating upon impact to protect the wearer.
  • The Evolution Door transforms instead of opening and closing, showcasing innovative functionality.
  • The Iota Toilet folds up to save space and conserve water, offering a practical solution for small bathrooms.
  • LIFX Light Bulbs are long-lasting, remote-controlled, and come in a variety of colors, enhancing the ambiance of any space.
  • Ooho is a biodegradable and edible membrane made of brown algae, potentially replacing plastic bottles.
  • The Rekindle Candle is unique as it forms a new candle as the wax melts, providing an endless light source.
  • Volvo’s Inflatable Car Seat is designed to deflate to the size of a backpack while maintaining high internal pressure for safety.
  • SnapRays GuideLight is a space-saving night light solution that seamlessly integrates into power outlets.

Everyday items such as tables, candles, and even toilets have been reimagined by innovative individuals, resulting in a range of reinventions that are not only practical but can also potentially change the way we live. These unique developments showcase how simple changes can lead to significant improvements in functionality, sustainability, and convenience.

1.) The Fletcher Capstan Table: This table doubles in size in mere seconds.

The Fletcher Capstan Table: This table doubles in size in mere seconds. (Source: Business Insider)

Imagine a table that can effortlessly double in size within seconds, or a candle that never burns out. These are just a few examples of the extraordinary products that have emerged from the minds of creative thinkers. Whether it’s through space-saving designs, eco-friendly materials, or enhanced functionality, these reinventions offer a glimpse into a future where everyday items are anything but ordinary.

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