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Yes, This Tiny Home Is Very Cool. But There’s Something That Makes It Completely Brilliant. – Oddity Hunt

pallet house

Key Points:

  • 84% of the world’s refugees could be housed with recycled American pallets.
  • The Pallet House is designed for easy and cheap construction, taking less than a day to build.
  • Each family can customize the house based on their needs and size.
  • The materials required to build the shelter are easy to acquire and only basic tools are needed.
  • The design allows for additional materials to be added, such as insulation, heating, and cooling.
  • Assembly instructions are provided in an easy-to-understand format, similar to IKEA-style.
  • A pallet house information kit including plans, sections, elevations, and more can be obtained for $75.
  • The design, originally for refugees, can be used to build a camper cabin or shelter.
  • The project demonstrates the potential of repurposing ‘wasted’ materials.

The Pallet House Project was created by I-Beam Design with the astonishing concept that 84% of the world’s refugees could be accommodated using recycled American pallets for construction. This innovative design allows for quick and affordable assembly in less than a day, offering families the flexibility to customize their shelters according to their specific requirements and size. With the use of spare wooden pallets and basic tools, acquiring the materials for building the shelter is incredibly straightforward. Moreover, the design can be enhanced with additional materials such as insulation, heating, and cooling, and the assembly instructions provided are reminiscent of an IKEA-style format, making it accessible for anyone to build. For a nominal fee of $75, a pallet house information kit can be purchased, which includes comprehensive plans, sections, elevations, and more. While initially intended for refugees, the versatile design can also be utilized to create camper cabins or shelters, showcasing the remarkable possibilities that exist within materials that are often overlooked or discarded.

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